Experience tantric massage in London

If you want the gentle erotic touch of a female masseuse to caress your body then I suggest you try our tantric massage.

The aim is to achieve a higher level of consciousness. Going for a tantric massage in London is an excellent way of trying to achieve this. 

Sexual pleasure is not the ultimate goal, however, but rather a medium for achieving a higher state of consciousness.

The therapy originates from a long time ago and evolved from Tantra. This is an eastern meditation practice that helps bring participants closer to enlightenment through using a mixture of meditation and physical activity such as massage, sex or yoga.

The sensual techniques unlock a deep energy that can bring you to ecstasy, in the process flushing physical and mental pain from the body.

Don’t miss the opportunity of having an intimate tantric massage in London.

Our line-up of tantric masseuses in London

A brief overview of this session

Where does tantric massage originate from?

You’re probably under the impression that the tantric massage is an Eastern innovation, but it actually originates in the West.

Neotantra, a movement associated with new age religions, is the source of the tantric massage, combining Buddhist and Hindu traditions with Western interpretations and techniques.

It takes the best of both worlds, and combines them into something greater than the sum of its parts.

So what’s going to happen during this session?

The tantric massage can be seen as a session of body worship. While the masseuse will start you off with some breathing tips, she will soon start lightly stroking your body.

The masseuse will have you lay down on your front where she will massage your whole body paying particular attention to your thighs and buttocks, which are sensitive areas.

Once you are comfortable and relaxed, she will move onto the part of the massage called lingam or yoni.

You will then be asked to turnover where the therapist will concentrate of massaging your penis, testicles and eventually your prostate. This well be the best prostate massage London has to offer.

This is the stage where the therapist touches and massages your genitals. This is not a form of masturbation.

It will be much more pleasurable than masturbation, and takes eroticism from an expression of lust and turns it into positive energy, expelling negative feelings and bringing a new awareness.

She will know exactly how to massage the prostate to hit all the pleasure points, giving you a prolonged feeling of orgasm.

At this stage, the masseuse will begin to give you a prostate massage. This will bring intense pleasure, unlike any you have experienced.

Of course, it is up to you how far the masseuse goes, and if it is your first time getting a prostate massage, she will take it slowly and stop if you feel it necessary.

It will then conclude with a blissful orgasm. The session lasts for an hour, however if you want longer this is possible. If this all sounds blissfully nice then I suggest you call us to arrange an appointment.

Why everyman should try a tantric massage

A tantric massage is an experience every man should have at least once in his lifetime. Before having a tantric massage, you will not know how to take sexual energy to the next level.

You will find it impossible to imagine how eroticism could lead to higher levels of consciousness. A tantric massage in London takes you all the way there. At the same time giving you a guide as to the true potential in a sexual relationship.

You will leave feeling like you’ve travelled into a new world. You will become aware that this is a state you can bring about in the future.

Of course, it will take multiple trips to the masseuse before you have a firm grip of the power of sexual enlightenment. However, once is enough to introduce you to this new world of awareness in erotic pleasure.

Do not miss your chance to elevate yourself erotically. Try it once, and you’re guaranteed to come back for more.

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