Soapy Massage London Style

Experience prostate pleasuring with a sexy female (you lucky guy)

Not many places offer Soapy Massage in London, but we are proud to give the good folk of London are unique take on this infamous bubbly adventure.

There is an art to this session that takes place on a rubber blow up mattress for maximum effect. So prepare to get your naked body soaped with aromatic shower gel by a very sexy lady.

If you’ve never heard of a soapy massage, you’ve probably never been to Bangkok. In a country renowned both for their cheap massages and erotic experiences, masseuses wilfully combine the two.

One of their best achievements is the soapy massage. Now, you no longer have to travel to Thailand to experience the thrill.

You can get a soapy massage in London, and I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it.

Our line-up of sensual masseuses in London

What is a soapy massage and how does it work?

A super soapy aqua massage is exactly as it sounds… and more. Yes, there is soap and water involved. Yes, it gets slippery. But that’s not where the excitement stops.

At the start of the massage, the masseuse will remove your clothes and follow suit herself. She will then lead you to a bathtub, in which she’ll wash you with plenty of bubbles and soap.

She’ll use her body to do this, and not just her hands. This massage is sometimes referred to as “the Brillo”. The highly erotic reason for this is that the woman will use her pubic region to do the job.

The massage continues on a bed, where your soapy body will be pressed and touched and grinded upon. The experience will be incredibly sensual from beginning to end.

Why every guy should get a soapy massage

The most obvious reason every man should get a soapy massage is that you get to spend time with a beautiful lady while naked and slippery.

That is enough to get any man excited, but the subsequent touching, pressing, and skin to skin contact takes the pleasure to another level.

“If you’ve ever pleasured yourself in the bath or shower, you know how sensual warm water and soap can get. Add in a beautiful masseuse – an expert at indulging men with overwhelming erotic stimulation – and you’ve got all the ingredients for a an experience you’ll never want to forget.”

Also, prostate massage is included if you are keen for a long-lasting, powerful orgasm.

With the opportunity to get a soapy massage in London, what could possibly be stopping you?