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Slippery Nuru Massage London Style

The slippery nuru massage is both exotic and erotic.

There are few experiences this focused on giving you intense physical pleasure.

Resembling a body to body massage, but using the special slippery nuru gel, the masseuse uses her flexibility and strength to give you an unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a nuru massage in London.

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What is a nuru massage?

“Nuru” means slippery or smooth in Japanese. And it is, in essence, a slippery massage. The masseuse uses her naked body to massage your naked body, deftly slipping and sliding to reach all your pleasure points.

It is a quintessentially Japanese creation, originating in the Japanese soaplands. It combines a purely sensual focus with ancient massage techniques.

The nuru gel that is used is made out of nori seaweed, which is odourless, tasteless, and does not stain. It is also, of course, very slippery.

What happens in a nuru massage?

At the start of a nuru massage, you and the masseuse will strip naked and share a warm shower.

This is because the nuru gel works best mixed with water on warm bodies.

The water makes it even thinner and more slippery, making sliding around your body effortless for the masseuse.

Once you’re lying down, she applies the nuru gel and starts to use her entire body to press and slide against yours.

She does not only use her skills to relax your body, but also to give you the most erotic experience you’ve ever had.

She will continually bring you to the edge and eventually over, leaving you feeling satisfied and revitalised, and having ticked an item off your bucket list.

Why every man in London should experience nuru massage

Do I need to convince you to get a nuru massage?

For most men, the idea of a beautiful woman massaging them with her naked and slippery body is an instant turn on.

If you are wondering whether this is actually a massage or simply a sexual experience, it depends on you.

Those who approach it looking to be satisfied will get their wish, along with so much more.

The feeling of being consistently pleasured over an extended period of time, slowly, carefully and in a considered fashion, is more intense than anything you’ve known.

What’s more, the massage is actually healing, too, with effective massage techniques implemented by the masseuse using her body.

There is also a closeness in the skin to skin connection that is emotionally resonant, leaving you with a sense of a shared experience with the beautiful masseuse.

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