Erotic Four Hands Massage in London


This therapy is for those who like to take their sensual experience up by a notch of four!


The session follows the same pattern as either our tantric or body to body massage but with your body being caressed and taken care of by two masseuses instead of just one.

Trying to keep up with four hands and two bodies pleasuring your body in a very erotic way can be extremely pleasurable as you can imagine.

Two’s company. Three’s a party.

And so, while being alone with a beautiful woman is sensual and erotic, being alone with two women is also fun.

An erotic four hands massage takes the pleasure and doubles it, creating a hot, dripping environment between three sensual people.

Here’s what you should expect when you go for a four hands erotic massage in London.

What Happens In An Erotic Four Hands Massage?

Having two masseuses in the room is not just for your viewing pleasure.

During an erotic four hands massage, you will feel pleasure throughout your whole body.

Instead of being limited to where two hands can reach, your entire physical being can be stimulated.

This full body experience forces you to remain present throughout, connecting to the pure enjoyment of the moment.

“While you receive a prostate massage from one beautiful masseuse, the other will ensure the ecstasy spreads through the rest of you. Their movements are orchestrated and in perfect sync. ”

They will also engage with each other, bringing to life every man’s fantasy.

Of course, the massage has its healing benefits as well.

These girls are intimately familiar with your erogenous zones, but they won’t forget to give you a lasting sense of relaxation

If having two beautiful ladies pleasure you is not your fantasy, it should be.

It’s not just about who is performing the massage, but what they do to your pleasure centres.

One of the best things about the erotic four hands massage is that the masseuses are incredibly intuitive when it comes to male pleasure.

They know just how to bring you to the brink and keep you there, for longer than you thought possible.

They know how not to take it too far – until too far is appropriate.

Also, don’t forget that our masseuses are very playful. They actually enjoy doing their job, and have great rapport with each other.

Their joy is infectious, and no matter what’s going on in your life, you’ll find yourself laughing, until you’re begging for more.

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