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Sensual Couples Massage in London

If you and your partner want to try an erotic massage in London with both of you involved then we have masseuses who provide this.

A couples massage in London is essentially a threesome but revolving around massage instead of sex. This can be a great way for couples to connect or to reignite their sensual passion for each other.

The session can consist of you both being massaged by the masseuse in turns, and also you being massage by the masseuse and your partner together.

A sensual couples massage is a variation on the typical couples massage.

The more innocuous version involves you and your partner lying on separate beds while being massaged by individual masseuses.

The sensual couples massage more closely resembles a threesome, in which one masseuse massages you both, and you get the chance to all engage with each other.

The session will conclude with an orgasmic yoni massage for the female which you can either watch or take part in, and a lingam massage for the male.

This is why you should get a sensual couples massage in London.

Our line-up of tantric masseuses in London

What happens in a sensual couples massage?

A sensual couples massage is the perfect opportunity for couples to reignite their sexual passion through the power of massage. You enter the room with your partner and strip naked.

If you want, you can slowly strip your partner and vice versa, or have the masseuse strip you. The gorgeous masseuse then strips naked and starts to massage each of you in turn. 

According to how the massage is going and what you and your partner want, you can then join together and get massaged as one, with the masseuse using tantric methods to increase the sensuality.

She will use her body in addition to her hands to heighten the eroticism. You and your partner will gasp together as you enjoy a shared experience of pure erotic joy.

The massage itself will eventually end, after which the masseuse will use yoni massage techniques to bring the woman to orgasm.

If you’re both women, both of you will orgasm together. She will then bring the man (or two men) to orgasm using tantric lingam techniques.

Why Every Couple Should Try A Sensual Couples Massage

The sensual couples massage can be a highlight for even the most sexually fulfilled couple. Instead of both working to satisfy each other, you get to be passive and share in your partner’s pleasure.

If your relationship is in need of some passion, the sensual couples massage is guaranteed to ignite the dormant lust within you both.

You can focus on feeling what you’ve been too stressed or distracted to achieve on your own. You’ll be able to watch each other being brought to orgasm and feel intense joy on your partner’s behalf.

You’ll also learn some new techniques to use in the bedroom. You will get an understanding of how massage can lead to intense sensual pleasure, and you will see tantric methods first hand. In the future, you will be able to try what you’ve learned during sex.

Instead of using the same positions and movements you’ve always known, you’ll be enlightened to the potential of your hands and bodies.

Convince your partner to join you in getting a sensual massage in London now. Your relationship will be all the better for it!

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