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Best Body to Body Massage in London

This treatment is very similar to our tantric massage but with body to body elements added to the session

If you’re looking for an extremely erotic experience, you have to try a body to body massage.

It is exactly as its name implies: the masseuse uses her body to massage yours. Importantly, both of you are completely nude, meaning you get full body contact.

The masseuse does not just rub against you, but actually uses the different parts of her body to give you a massage that is both relaxing and very sexual.

Our line-up of b2b masseuses in London

What happens in a body 2 body massage?

The first step in a body to body massage is to strip off your clothes. The masseuse will also strip naked.

She then applies massage oils to your body and uses her own body to rub, grind, and press against yours in all the right places.

While she’ll use her hands like any other masseuse, she’ll mainly focus on using other body parts, including her breasts, arms, legs, and feet, to bring you satisfaction.

When the massage is over, she’ll lead you to a shower to wash off what massage oils remain.

Why every man should have a body to body massage

By now, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t gone for a body to body massage yet.

Any sensual man will understand why a body to body massage is a mind-blowing experience, and I don’t need to say much more.

However, I’ll focus for a moment on why you might choose body to body over the very similar nuru massage.

A nuru massage is almost exactly the same, but instead of massage oils, the masseuse uses nuru gel. This is a gel made out of nori seaweed that is very slippery.

Now, one is not better than the other, but each has its specific attractions.

A body to body massage will give you more physical friction, making it feel like there’s even less separating you from the body of the masseuse.

Also, if you know that you’re particularly sensitive to gel-like substances, you might choose the body to body massage to remain on the edge for a bit longer.

“Ultimately, the body to body massage is an experience you’ll never forget. The feeling of a beautiful woman’s naked body against yours – for the sake of your pleasure – is not to be missed. Make an appointment with one of our beautiful masseuses before the excitement overwhelms you!”

So if you like a naked masseuse to rub her breasts, legs and rest of her body against yours then I suggest you choose our very erotic b2b massage in London.

The session also concludes with massaging of the testicles, penis and prostate for a fantastic happy ending.

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