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Having a prostate massage in London is one of the most enjoyable things in the world. It is great for both pleasure and health. An erotic prostate massage is one of the most highly sensual therapies you can experience.

Done properly by a trained and qualified therapist (just like the ones at Prostate London) it can produce quite intense sensations all over your body.

We are London’s favourite male g-spot practitioners, so with us you will be in a very safe (and kinky) pair of hands.

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All these women are not only talented but sexy and charming too. They are the best in the business – 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Prostate Massage

We are experts in this therapy. We will gently caress your prostate gland and anal area for maximum pleasure.

Tantric Massage

A massage that have riding the waves of pleasure – up and down until the grand finale. Learn more about our tantric massage in London.

Nuru Massage

This massage is very popular and is very similar to the version you sill on the internet tube sites. Find out more about nuru massage.

Erotic Body 2 Body

We will slide, glide and ride all over your torso with our very erotic body to body massage session.

Sensual 4 Hands Massage

Choose any of the massages we have but have two sexy women massage you instead of just one. Read more about the four hands massage.

Much much more

We offer many other unique therapies that you will struggle to find else where including tie n tease, mutual massage and even naked yoga.

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If all of the above tickles you, then come join us for a wonderful sensual massage. If you’re still a little unsure about trying a prostate massage then let is provide you with some more information about this fantastic therapy.

What is a Prostate Massage?

The treatment can be done in many different ways.

Each one is unique depending on the lady who is providing it and also how comfortable the receiver likes to be. After giving you a nice relaxing massage the therapist will start to stroke and caress your inner thighs. She will then gently and slowly enter her finger into your anus, each time getting deeper. The feelings in your body will get more intense.

She will reach your prostate gland which she will softly massage. This of course can produce intense and enjoyable sensations for the receiver.

The make prostate gland is the equivalent of the female g-spot and when caressed can feel very nice indeed. The descriptions of this feeling sound very similar to those described when females have their g-spot area stimulated.

An intense orgasm can take place. Especially when the masseuse simultaneously caresses your erect member and other areas of your body.

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